Sleep Center | Preparing for your sleep study

Sleep Center: Preparing for your sleep study

Once you are referred to the Trinity Health Sleep Center, you may be required to see a sleep specialist prior to your sleep study. If a sleep study is deemed necessary, you will be asked to make an appointment to return and spend the night in one of our private, homelike bedrooms.
You may be asked to keep a sleep diary for one to two weeks prior to the sleep study. During this time, try to follow your normal sleep routine and habits.
On the day of your sleep study, you may take any medications that you usually take, unless otherwise directed by your physician. Do not take any naps, as they may interfere with your study.
Consume foods and drinks as you normally would, but avoid caffeinated foods and beverages, and alcoholic beverages, after noon. Before you come, eat dinner, shower and remove make-up, lotions, oils, and hairspray.

What to bring

When you come in for your sleep study, you’ll want to bring an overnight bag with personal items including your toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc. (your room includes a private bathroom). You’ll also want to bring loose, comfortable clothes to sleep in, and although pillows are provided, you may prefer to bring your own. It is also very important that you bring your insurance card, and all medications that you use daily (prescription and non-prescription, including nasal sprays, sinus medication, and/or nasal strips). IMPORTANT: if you’re already using CPAP, please bring your mask with you

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