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Life Reinvented

Every day Trinity health's network of health services is helping people, just like these folks, reinvent themselves by delivering care that has the power to save and change lives.

Dani Lindee, Professional Dancer and Trinity Podiatry Patient

foot care podiatryDani Lindee was used to the everyday aches and pains associated with being a professional dancer and instructor. However, when an abnormal bone growth in her foot threatened to end her career, she knew something had to be done.

The podiatry specialists at Trinity understood Dani's problem and provided a solution that would allow her to continue dancing. At Trinity Health, we're reinventing the way health care is delivered so our patients can better reinvent their lives.
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Clay Berger, EMT and Trinity Health Heart Patient

foot care podiatryAs an EMT, Clay Berger of Glasgow, Montana had witnessed many situations where the difference between life and death was counted in minutes. So, when he felt symptoms of his own heart attack, he knew that his life was up against the clock.

Thankfully, Clay's heart attack occurred in a community where life-saving ambulance care is swift, and where Trinity Hospital stands ready to respond wit the best cardiac team and technology available. Thanks to Trinity and the EMS chain of survival, Clay was able to return to his emergency care duties while hardly skipping a beat.

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Arley Larson, School Principal and Coach... Also, a Trinity Trauma Patient

foot care podiatryAn educator / coach from Ray, ND, Arley Larson was used to playing a helping role in the success of this students and players. But, when and eight-foot fall from a roof on Christmas Eve left him critically injured, it was Trinity's turn to help. NorthStar Criticair helicopter airlifted him to Trinity Hospital, where a team of doctors and nurses and other staff oversaw his multiple surgeries, rehabilitation and recovery. Thanks to their efforts, Arley is back at home, back on the job, and again touching the lives of his students and players.

Every day, Trinity's network of doctors and caregivers help people just like Arley reinvent themselves, delivering solutions that have the power to save lives.
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Clair Roth, Outdoorsman and a Trinity Orthopedic Patient

foot care podiatryClair Roth had been an avid hunter all of his life, and the time he spent outdoors with his hunting dog, Sam, was special to him. But, when joint pain in his hip brought his mobility and outdoor activities to a standstill, Clair realized that he needed help.

Like many patients, Clair was facing a possible change in lifestyle and quickly turned to Trinity's orthopedic team, who not only surgically repaired his hip, but also oversaw his rehabilitation and recovery, allowing him to regain his mobility and return to the outdoors.

Trinity Health is reinventing the way health care is delivered and empowering people to reinvent their lives.
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Bonnie Stanley, Active Gardner and a Trinity Cardiac Patient

foot care podiatryBonnie Stanley lived to work outside in her garden. So, when a series of minor strokes threatened to change all of this, she turned to Trinity.

The heart team acted quickly, removing a rare tumor on her heart and saving her life. Now, Bonnie is back in her garden, where she - and her heart- couldn't be happier.

Trinity Health is reinventing the way health care is delivered and empowering people to reinvent their lives.
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Judy Gehringer, Business Owner and a Trinity Eyecare Patient

foot care podiatryKeeping busy had never been a problem for Judy Gehringer. With two businesses she and her husband ran, it seemed like there was always something that needed to be done. When cataracts threatened her vision and livelihood, she turned to Trinity.

The team at Trinity Regional Eyecare provided a solution using intra ocular lens that immediately corrected Judy's cataracts and allows her to see 20/20 without glasses! Now, she's back on the job and re-setting her sights on what looks to be a beautiful future.

Every day, Trinity Health is helping people just like Judy reinvent themselves by delivering solutions that have the power to change lives.
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