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Respiratory Medical Clearance

Medical evaluation and respirator fit testing play an important role in the protection of employees whose jobs may require the use of a mask or respirator. It is imperative users be evaluated for any medical conditions that would place them at risk while wearing the device.

OSHA Respirator Questionnaire

The OSHA Respirator Questionnaire identifies breathing or cardiac conditions that may place an employee at risk. The questionnaire helps define the type of respirator that can be safely worn, as well as the physical activities that can be conducted while wearing it.

  Download the OSHA Respirator Questionnaire here.

Pulmonary Function Testing/Spirometry

A pulmonary function test is used to evaluate an employee's breathing ability by measuring their airflow. It requires the employee to take a deep breath in and then blow out all the air as fast as they can into a tube connected to the spirometer, which in turn generates a report detailing how much air was breathed into the lungs and how much was blown out.

Respirator Fit-Testing

A respirator fit-test ensures a tight seal between the device and the face is formed, keeping the user's breathing zone free from a contaminated environment. Because the seal can be affected by physical dimensions of both the user and the respirator, a fit-test will ensure the device properly fits and protects each individual user.

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