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Occupational Medicine

Designated Medical Provider Program

Employers in North Dakota have the option of selecting Trinity Health as their Designated Medical Provider. We work with hundreds of companies to provide work-related medical care, medical evaluations and employment drug testing.

As your Designated Medical Provider, Trinity Health will benefit your organization by:
  • Reducing employee absence or time away from work
  • Reducing costs associated with work-related injuries
  • Educating employees on preventative treatment options, as well as transitional work opportunities
  • Increasing employee retention within your organization
  • Reducing overall risk of re-injury to employees
  • Lowering costs associated with work replacement.

 Providers in this field:
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Evonne Hickok FNP-C

Evonne Hickok, FNP-C, a nurse practitioner with over three decades of nursing experience, has joined --More--

Howard Reeve MD

Howard Reeve, M.D. is a board certified Family Practitioner, he obtained his medical degree from the --More--