Mayo Clinic Care Network | Mayo Clinic Care Network
mayo care clinic Proud to be a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network

Trinity Health and Mayo Clinic share the commitment that health care should be provided close to home whenever possible. We also share a common philosophy to improve the delivery of health care through high-quality, data-driven, evidence-based care and treatment. We are working with Mayo Clinic so you can benefit from leading medical expertise and physician collaboration, while staying near your family, friends, and home.

Our collaborative relationship means peace of mind, and access to the finest medical knowledge available. Right here at Trinity Health.
What does the Mayo Clinic Care Network mean for you?

  • It means your doctor can reach out to Mayo Clinic specialists as they consider your care needs, ensuring you only travel for medical care when necessary.

  • It means your doctor can use the latest research and recommendations from Mayo Clinic to develop the best treatment plan for you, at no additional cost to you.

  • It means if you or a loved one has a complex condition, your doctor can consult directly with a Mayo Clinic expert who specializes in treating that specific condition.