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Nursing Services

Trinity Homes is staffed with a full array of trained and licensed personnel who will assist you in your daily needs. The nursing service department leads an inter-departmental care plan session for each resident. You are encouraged to participate in the Care Plan meeting to assist in determining your needs and goals while you are a resident at Trinity Homes. The Care Plan team includes: nursing service, dietary, activities, social services, and other ancillary personnel who are directly involved in your care.

Staff will assist you in arranging any ancillary medical examinations and appointments. This includes, but is not limited to, dental examinations, hearing tests, eye examinations, podiatric care, and diagnostic procedures as ordered by your attending physician.

Residents with specialized nursing needs are accepted here including but not limited to residents who need advanced wound care, dialysis, IV therapy, tracheotomy care, enteral/ tube feeding, pulmonary care/oxygen therapy, head injury/ stroke rehabilitation, pain management, cancer care, or hospice care.

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