Trinity Homes | Party for Resident

Trinity Homes: Party for Resident

Welcome! We, the staff and residents of Trinity Homes, are very proud of our home and we look forward to you, your family and friends joining together in celebrating a special event.

Table and chair groups are available on first floor, 1 Center, for small parties. For group parties more than 25 people and open house parties we recommend you contact the local hotels, Minot auditorium, All Seasons Arena, or churches for space.

Contact Activities 701-857-5905 regarding availability (i.e. prior in house commitments and activities). Parties will not be scheduled more than 2 weeks in advance. Contact Dietary 701-857-5952 for free coffee service up to 25 people. The family member planning the party must supply any other items.

Family Responsibilities

Food items that are to be served to the residents must meet State Health Department codes for temperature and sanitation standards (e.g. Marketplace Foods, Cashwise Foods for catering, etc.).

To comply within safety codes:

  • No sterno warmers or home electrical appliances be used (i.e. coffee makers, skillets, buffet warmers, crock pots, etc.)
  • Candles are not permitted due to Fire Codes. Decorations are limited to table top displays only.
  • Family members may purchase decorated cakes or other entrees at the local bakeries. Family will be responsible for party plates, coordinated napkins, and party favors.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Punch recipes shall not include Kool Aid or any other dark staining fruit juice.
  • Children are to be supervised at all times.

Following the party, we request families leave the area in a presentable manner for future activities. Wastebaskets are provided for disposable items. Dirty dishes are to be returned to the cafeteria dish room.