Trinity Homes | Pharmacy

Trinity Homes Care Services:


The resident or legal representative will be asked to provide the name of a pharmacy of their choice for prescription medication.
Trinity Health has a pharmacy that may be used. The pharmacy utilizes a unit dose system, which is controlled completely by the pharmacist. The medications, as ordered by your physician, are prepared individually for you by the pharmacy and dispensed by the nurse.
No medications, including over-the-counter/ OTC drugs (aspirin, antacids, throat lozenges, laxatives, etc.) are permitted without a physician's order. If you wish to have medications at your bedside, please contact the nurse on your floor.
If you do not understand the purpose of your medication please ask your physician or nurse. Your understanding and cooperation are important for your medical progress; and you should be informed and aware of all medications used in your treatment.

It is required that the pharmacy be able to supply all ordered medication within a 24-hour delivery time.