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Making Our Home, Your Home

Resident Rooms

For each resident, our rooms include a bed, a bedside stand, a wardrobe closet, and a dresser. An easy chair is also provided from a choice of three styles, including high back, low back, or rocker style. Favorite personal furnishing may be brought as space permits. We encourage you and your family to bring additional items from home that have special meaning and give pleasure to you such as:
  • Pictures
  • Family Remembrances
  • Vinyl or Leather Recliner
  • Plants
  • Books
  • Small Television
  • Radio
  • Electronic Devices

Trinity Homes Resident Comfort Minot North Dakota
When personal items are brought in, we ask that you mark each item with some form of identification.
Trinity Homes reserves the right to refuse the use of any electrical appliance that our staff deems inappropriate and/or unsafe for use. When you no longer desire the use of a particular item, the social worker will notify your family. It is the family's responsibility to maintain, repair, store and / or dispose of these items.

Cable TV

Trinity Homes is wired for cable service. Cable subscribers will receive Expanded Basic Service through Midcontinent Communications Company. Trinity Homes will bill you monthly for cable service. The Admissions Coordinator or Social Worker will assist you with this initial installation.


A telephone is located on each floor for the personal use of residents and families. They are equipped with volume adjustment for the hearing impaired. These phones are for local calls, collect calls, or calls made with a credit card.

Upon request to Souris River Telephone-SRT Company, a private telephone can be installed in your room. The phone number for their business representatives is 701-852-7777. The cost of installation and monthly billing will be sent directly to the contracting party.


The mail is delivered to residents on a daily basis through the Business Office. Please notify your local post office of your new address.

United States Postal Service - USPS

Trinity Homes
P.O. Box 5030
Minot, ND 58702-5030

United Parcel - UPS / Federal Express - FedEx

Trinity Homes
305 8th Avenue NE
Minot, ND 58703

Upon request by the resident or the legal representative, the Business Office will forward all mail to a requested address. Assistance in reading or sending mail is available to all residents upon request. Postage stamps and stationery may be purchased at the Trinity Homes Gift Shop.

We recommend that you notify the following people
of your address change:

  • Social Security Office
  • Bank and other Financial Institutions.
  • Clinic and Doctors Offices
  • Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions
  • Church and Pastor
  • Friends and Fraternal Organizations

Email / Internet Access

Computers with Internet accessibility are available for residents' use on each floor and area. There is also a "Guest" network with wireless access for personal laptops which can be used throughout the facility by typing in a password. Ask a staff member to contact the Information Technology (IT) Department for the current password for wireless Internet access.

The Activity staff will assist residents in establishing and individual email address only when the resident can monitor it independently. It the resident needs continual assistance then a group email address will be used: When families or friends send email to this address we request the resident's first & last name be typed in the SUBJECT field so it can be delivered to your loved one.


The Minot Daily News vending machine is located on the first floor Trinity Center-1C. To have the Minot Daily News delivered to your room, you may contact the Minot Daily News Circulation Department at 701-857-1910.

Personal Clothing

You will want to bring in a selection of garments that will be comfortable for your day-to-day activities. We recommend that all the clothing be constructed of materials that are durable, permanent press, and machine washable. Trinity Homes Laundry washes personal clothes every weekday. Also, there is a clothes washer and dryer on each floor for residents' independent use.

Name labels are required on ALL items that will be laundered here with resident's first and last name. Clothing can be taken to the Labeling Room on 1st floor Center near the cafeteria to be marked. The label will be located on the inside of the neckband on shirts, blouses, dresses and sweaters, and on the inside of the waistband for slacks and skirts.

We recommend that all garments be labeled, even if a family member will be taking care of the resident's laundry. It is the responsibility of the resident/ family to provide specialized clothing care such as dry cleaning, replacement of worn clothing, or clothing in need of alterations or repair.

Upon entering Trinity Homes we recommend at least six changes of clothing including but not limited to:

  • Shoes and stockings
  • Underwear
  • Bathrobes and pajamas
  • Washable sweaters
  • Light jacket
  • Winter coat, gloves, hat/ scarf, overshoes (depending on the time of year. Storage space is limited.)

Personal Care Items

Basic personal care items are supplied by Trinity Homes. The costs for these items are considered in the daily rate. We encourage families to bring in personal care items that are not available through Trinity Homes. These would include specific brand name items, colognes, powders, etc. Men are requested to bring in their own electric shavers.

Jewelry / Valuables

We discourage keeping large sums of money or other valuables in your room. Valuables may be temporarily locked up at the nurses' station for your convenience. You may be requested to place your rings under security if they become too loose for safe wearing to prevent loss. You and your family will be notified of this action by the social worker.


Visitors are always welcome at Trinity Homes. Permission to stay with a critically ill resident or other special requests may be directed to the floor nurse. Family and friends are encouraged to join their loved one in the cafeteria for a snack or meal. A cafeteria serving line is open during posted hours.

Within the residents' dining rooms and throughout Trinity Homes, a pot of coffee is always brewing for you and your visitors. Help yourself.

Private Parties

There are a number of locations throughout Trinity Homes that will accommodate small groups for anniversaries, birthdays, or family gatherings. When you are planning a special occasion we ask that you contact the activities staff on your floor to assist you in arrangements. The activities phone office is 701-857-5905.

Some residents are on special diets. Visitors are asked to check with the nurse when bringing in food and beverages in regards to the resident's diet restrictions or concerns. North Dakota State Health Department also has rules and regulations regarding food brought in for residents. Contact Dietary with any questions or concerns, phone number 701-857-5951.

For your safety we ask that no electrical appliances be brought in for use during the party. Due to fire codes lit candles are not allowed.

Responsibility of Resident

When people join together in a community, they all have rights and responsibilities to one another.

We have the responsibility to provide you with an environment of growth, security, and safety as you are making our home your home.

We ask residents and their families to respect policies that are in place to assure a comfortable environment for all residents and staff at Trinity Homes.

  1. Be considerate of others and see that your visitors are also considerate of other residents and family members.
  2. Take advantage of the services which Trinity Homes offers you.
  3. Take an interest in you plan of care and participate in the activity program, especially those activities that are important to you. All residents are encouraged to participate in the monthly residents' council meetings. This group gives the residents an opportunity to learn about facility policy and operations and to lend their insights and requests into the activities of Trinity Homes.
  4. Inform your nurse of any health problems or changes. Inform appropriate staff members of any questions or concerns you have within their area of expertise.
  5. Arrange medical appointments when family members can escort you to these services.
  6. Inform your nurse, the business office, and/ or the social worker when there is a change of address or telephone number of a responsible party, family member or concerned friend.
  7. Alcoholic beverages and medications are prohibited in residents' rooms, except when specified by physicians' orders.

Safety & Security

The safety and security of the residents, family, friends, and staff is everyone's concern and we ask your cooperation in the following areas:

  1. All residents and guests are asked to adhere to the fire and safety codes set forth by Trinity Homes and it's regulatory agencies. There are restrictions on candles, extension cords, any electrical appliances, and lights.
  2. Fire safety is assured by a computerized alarm system. Periodic fire drills are conducted. Everyone is asked to cooperate with the drills.
  3. Smoking is not allowed at Trinity Homes unless you are a resident. The designated area for smoking is the first floor smoking lounge behind the cafeteria. Residents must be able to get to and from the area without staff assistance and demonstrate consistent safe actions.
  4. Assistive devices (e.g. canes, walkers, wheelchairs, lifts, etc.) are used with orders from your physician and/or when required for the resident's personal safety or the safety of others.
  5. Residents are asked to sign out at their nurses' station before leaving the facility. This is part of our safety plan.
  6. Trinity Homes provides security protection. If there are any problems or concerns regarding safety or security, contact the nurse.

Leave Policy

There are times when you may leave the facility with family or friends. Whether it's for a brief outing or an overnight stay, we request that you sign out at the nurses' station before leaving. If you are leaving for an overnight stay with family or friends then our current bed hold policy will be given to you at that time.

Your room is held in reserve for you as long as you, the responsible party, or third party payer continues payment for your room. Medicare, Medicaid, and certain insurance companies have specific coverage guidelines for leaves of absence. In order to not affect your benefits, please contact the social worker prior to finalizing your plans. The nurse will be able to assist you in your plans as well as confer with your doctor if necessary. You will be given the necessary medications and instructions to continue your care away from Trinity Homes.

If during a leave of absence, you do not wish to have your room held, we ask that you notify the business office representative or social worker immediately. You will be responsible for the full rate until you request discharge from Trinity Homes.

Hospital Leave

Your room is held in reserve for you during your hospitalization as long as you, the responsible party, or third party payer continues payment for your room. The business office representative or social worker will assist you with the specifics in regards to your current program and policy.

If you do not wish to have your room held during hospitalization, notify the business office representative or social worker immediately. You will be responsible for the full rate until you request the resident's discharge from Trinity Homes.

Discharge from Trinity Homes

A 24-hour notice is requested prior to your discharge order. This will assure that all documents and medications are ready by the time you plan to leave. Less than a 24-hour notice may require that you or your family member will have to pick up your medications at the pharmacy.

Trinity Homes maintains a detailed medical record for each resident that is managed by the Health Information Management-HIM department. This record is confidential and is used only by individuals involved with your care. You may approve or refuse the release of these records to anyone outside Trinity Homes, except in the case of your transfer to another health care facility, or as may be required by law, or by a third party contract.

It is your responsibility to take all of your personal belongings with you at the time of your discharge. You will be notified of all items that might be left after you discharge and will be expected to secure them within 10 days of the notice.