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Admissions Process


Trinity Homes Admissions Coordinator will be your main contact person throughout the admissions process. During the initial interview with the Admissions Coordinator you and your family will have the opportunity to discuss the services available at Trinity Homes as well as tour our facilities.

Trinity Homes Minot North Dakota Admissions


The Admissions Coordinator will assist you throughout the application process for admission. At this time the admission agreements will be explained and signed.

During the admissions process, the Admissions Coordinator will inform you of the various financial assistance programs that may be available to you. These include such programs as: personal insurance policies, Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Services.

A representative from our business office will also be available to assist you in submitting insurance claims and other documentation that may be required by the various agencies involved with your financial concerns.

Trinity Homes is certified to provide services for people through the Medicaid program. Information regarding the Medicaid program may be obtained by contacting by contacting your local county social service office.

Physical Examination

A physical examination is required for all residents at trinity Homes. The Admissions Coordinator will provide all the necessary forms to be completed by a physician of your choice.

If your personal physician is from outside the Minot medical community, you or your family will be required to coordinate the services of a local physician during your stay at Trinity.

The physical examination may be completed within 5 days before admission or 48 hours after admission. The Admissions Coordinator will assist you and your family in completing all details prior to your entering the home.


When you are admitted to Trinity Homes, the Admissions Coordinator will introduce you and your family to your Care Team. This will include the nursing caregivers, the social worker, the activity coordinator, and all other ancillary personnel who will assist you throughout your stay at Trinity Homes.