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During the summer months, Trinity Sports Medicine is very excited to offer our Faster Athletics program to area schools! This summer program is very affordable and will have a great impact on any athlete. FASTER represents:
Flexibility, Agility and Strength Together Equal Ready.   We have designed this program as an injury prevention and performance enhancement package. It is not designed as a heavy lifting program but instead to provide overall strength, agility, flexibility and core strength gains. Our Sports Medicine Staff has identified common injury problems at our schools and have incorporated activities to address these issues. Our FASTER Athletics program was rolled out in 2006 and we have seen GREAT results with our athletes including improved strength and speed as well as decreased injury potential!

Benefits of the FASTER athletics program
  • Improve overall strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve foot speed and agility
  • Focus on core strength
  • Decrease injury potential through strength gains, ACL prevention programs and balance
  • Trinity “Faster Program” T-shirt as an added bonus!

In addition to the FASTER program, Sports Medicine provides athletic training services to legion baseball teams in Minot, Williston, Velva, Bottineau, Surrey and Burlington.


Trinity Sports Medicine also takes pride in helping educate area athletes, coaches and parents on a multitude of topics. Each year, Sports Medicine Manager, Robyn Gust, presents to multiple groups on concussion recognition and management as well as heat illness prevention. Other educational topics Sports Medicine have presented on include, but are not limited to: Basic Injury Treatment and Recognition, Emergency preparedness, Risk Management in athletic environment, Mass Casualty preparedness, Defining and exploring the profession of athletic training, Management of the spine injured athlete and other topics as requested.

All FASTER participants must submit the following documents:

To contact athletic training staff of Trinity Sports Medicine, or to inquire about a sports medicine evaluation or Sport Medicine related speaking engagement for your group, you can call 701-857-5286 or email

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