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Medical vs. Routine Eye Exams

For Insurance purposes, eye examinations are divided into categories:

Vision Exam

These are routine exams for people who have no eye disease or symptoms of disease. Your eyes will be examined for any needed correction (glasses or contact lenses). Diagnosis would be nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism. If your doctor finds anything abnormal during your vision exam further testing of a medical nature may be needed at another visit. In that case, your medical insurance would be billed at the future visit.

Medical Exam

This is a medically necessary comprehensive examination for the diagnosis and treatment of disease and conditions of the eye. This exam evaluates the reasons for the symptoms and assesses any treatment needed. Some conditions evaluated with medical eye exams include cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, dry eyes, macular degeneration, etc.


Most patients will have a refraction during either type of exam. This is a test used to determine your best corrected vision. For some medical conditions a refraction is needed even when eyeglasses are not prescribed. Even though this is a vital test to the care of your eyes, the refraction is a non-covered service through Medicare, Tricare, and most insurance plans. If your insurance does not cover your refraction, you will be asked to pay the fee in full at the time of service.

Vision Plans

Trinity participates in the following vision plans - Superior Vision and BCBS Vision. These two types of insurances may or may not include the refraction. Please refer to your plan prior to your visit to determine if you will be responsible for your refraction and co-pay. Trinity Health offers Superior Vision with our benefit package. This plan includes the refraction in the exam, and it also waives the co-pay.

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