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Trinity Health Club 25

Young golfers will have a chance to learn about healthy living as they tee off this summer at Jack Hoeven Wee Links golf course.

Trinity Health is partnering with Wee Links to sponsor Club 25, a program that encourages junior golfers to play a minimum of 25 rounds of golf during the summer at a cost of one dollar per round. After completing 25 games the rest of the season at Wee Links will be free.

Trinity Health Vice President Randy Schwan says the goal is to give kids an incentive to exercise through the game of golf and to use that connection to teach about healthy lifestyle choices.

"Our goal is to keep kids healthy by teaching them about exercise, nutrition and safety," Schwan said. "Learning healthy habits at a young age is the best way to prevent obesity, diabetes and hypertension – conditions that are showing up in more young people."

Club 25 participants will receive a free pedometer to help measure and record their activity, and prizes will be awarded as incentives to be active. In addition, Trinity will present six "Awesome U" events throughout the summer featuring a variety of activities, experts and healthy snacks.

The kick-off of Club 25 will coincide with the official Grand Reopening of Wee Links set for Saturday (June 1), starting at 10 a.m. Kids can register for Club 25 that day or at a later date.


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