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How Heart Smart Are You?

Cardiovascular (heart) disease is the leading cause of death and disability in North Dakota. Trinity Health offers comprehensive cardiovascular services aimed at preventing, diagnosing, treating and recovering from cardiovascular disease.



Coronary heart disease/Cardiovascular disease develops gradually over many years and can easily go undetected.
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Women don't have to worry about cardiovascular disease. It's primarily a man's problem.
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If a woman has a heart attack, she is more likely to survive it than a man.
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Women are less likely to get heart disease after menopause than before.
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When men reach middle age, about 55, their blood cholesterol levels start to rise, but women's levels seem to stabilize.
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African-American females are more likely than white females are to die from coronary heart disease or stroke.
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Which of the following is the single most important thing a woman can do to reduce her risk of heart attack?


Women smokers double their chances of having a heart attack over women who don't smoke.
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Women can reduce their risks of heart attack and stroke by following which of these lifestyle habits?


Women with heart disease have a lower risk of stroke.
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