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Audiology: Osseointegrated Auditory Device

What is an osseointegrated auditory device:

An osseointegrated auditory device is a prosthetic device that allows an individual with certain types of hearing loss to experience hearing. These systems are also known as “BAHAs” or bone-anchored hearing aids. For patients with single-sided deafness, conductive, mixed, or sensorineural hearing loss, or for people who are unable to use conventional air conduction hearing aids, a bone conduction device may be an option. Sound waves can travel through air or bone to reach the inner ear. Transmitting sound via air conduction with traditional hearing aids may not work for all patients. With osseointegrated systems, direct bone-conducted sound bypasses problems in the ear canal and middle ear to stimulate the auditory system.

Bone conduction options include:

  1. Surgical prosthetic devices: Prosthetics that are surgically implanted into the skull bone behind the ear and use an attached sound processor via a titanium abutment or magnetic coupling.
  2. Non-surgical prosthetic devices: Removable devices that utilize a non-invasive approach, using either a headband to hold the processor at the ear or the teeth to transmit sound.

System 5 — Attract

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Osseointegrated Device Services at Trinity Health:

The Audiologists at Trinity Health have extensive experience with all currently FDA approved systems. The Audiologists provide programming and support for Oticon Medical, Cochlear BAHA, Medtronic Sophono, and Sonitus SoundBite devices. Most devices can now be used with wireless accessories to improve communication in difficult situations.

Trinity provides full audiological evaluation for these devices, as well as fitting, programming, troubleshooting and follow up care. If a patient is found to be a candidate and elects to pursue surgical implantation, referral to the Ears, Nose and Throat department will be provided.

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