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BALANCE TESTS AND PROCEDURES: vestibular balance disorders

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluation
  • ENG (electronystagmography)- testing that uses a reflex between the inner ear and the eyes to measure function of the vestibular nerve and oculomotor nerve. Includes several positional tests of the body as well as putting water in the ear canals to activate the balance system on each side independently.
  • VEMP (vestibular evoked myogenic potential)- testing that can be used in differential diagnosis or monitoring of certain conditions that cause vertigo. Includes using acoustic stimuli to measure an involuntary vestibular response.
  • ECoG (electrocochleography)- testing that measures for an over-accumulation of fluid in the inner ear. Includes using an acoustic stimulus to observe a specific characteristic of the auditory brainstem response.


  • ENT for conditions related to the inner ear and vestibular system
  • Physical Therapy for vestibular rehabilitation treatment and to improve overall function
  • Neurology for central findings not originating in the inner ear
  • Cardiology for symptoms stemming from blood pressure and circulatory issues, neither central nor peripheral

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